Those Little Bookstore Tags

Those Little Bookstore Tags

I have always loved those little notecards that slip onto the side of a book on display at a bookstore. A staff person has read the book and hand-written a mini-review–but only if they really love the book. You can peer at the neat square of text and get a sense of the soul of a bookseller. And a book!

Sometimes bookstores post these on line. Here are a few I was delighted to see attached to Accidental Birds of the Carolinas, first week after release! Thank you, Katherine Pinard, Nancy Olson, and Sarah Goddin.

McIntyre’s Fine Books, Pittsboro, NC

Wow! This story collection marvelously captures “home” (the Southern part of heaven) for so many of us who have migrated to North Carolina from afar. You feel the morning mist, smell the pungent woods, and hear the sweet birdsong. What a love song sung by a variety of (human) birds—each with its distinct, pure voice. Marjorie Hudson is a writer I’ve been waiting to find! Bravo!
— Katherine Pinard, bookseller at McIntyre’s

Nancy Olson, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC

This NC resident is one talented writer. The characters in these beautiful, connected stories are desperate for a place to be safe and they land in North Carolina for healing and renewal.  This is a fully satisfying book.”—Nancy Olson, owner, Quail Ridge Books, named Bookseller of the Year by Publishers Weekly in 2001

“It takes no time at all to fall in love with such a place, if you are paying attention,” says Elizabeth in the first of  these seven extraordinary stories (and one novella). The same can be said for this collection: Pay attention and you will fall in love. In each story someone ends up in Carolina for a different reason and finds something or someone unexpected. Marjorie Hudson is a gifted writer with a pitch-perfect sense of place that will resonate with anyone who has spent some hot days in the South. Her characters are full of heart and soul, ones who will latch on to you and not let go.—Sarah Goddin, General Manager, Quail Ridge Books

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    Marjorie, that was so fast! I took the picture after the class at McIntyre’s yesterday, and today it’s on your blog. Since this was their last copy as of yesterday, and more are expected in any day, I will wait until next week to get my own. It’s wonderful they keep selling out! In the meantime, I’m nearly finished with “Searching for Virginia Dare,” and enjoying both the history and the trek through NC you made finding her.

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