Frank Stasio Interview: Accidental Birds of the Carolinas

One of the dreams I’ve had for this book is getting the chance to meet Frank Stasio and get on his show. That dream came true yesterday. Here’s what Frank had to say and a link to the interview. I don’t know what magic they had going in the studio, but I actually like how I sound!

FROM WUNC-FM / The State of Things with Frank Stasio

Writer Marjorie Hudson is drawn to people who are lost, mostly because their journeys toward home fascinate her. She was lost herself once, living and working too hard in Washington D.C. When she came to visit a friend in the Triangle, she had a very visceral feeling of being found. After decades of building her writing life and nurturing her community in Pittsboro, NC, Hudson considers herself to be home. Her long awaited collection of short stories is populated by lost souls at varying degrees of being found. The book is called, “Accidental Birds of the Carolinas” (Press53/2011). Hudson joins host Frank Stasio in the studio today to talk about birds, books and loving the South. Marjorie Hudson reads from Accidental Birds on Frank Stasio The State of Things May 8 2012

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