First reading: The Barn at Fearrington

What a morning! If you ever write a fiction book about birds, and the rural South, a barn full of barn swallows nesting and flying overhead is the place to read! Thank you, friends, for all your loving support — the bird is out of the nest! Accidental Birds of the Carolinas is launched, next reading is in Chapel Hill at Flyleaf Books, June 6, Monday, at 6:30 pm.

This is a release from a small independent press, so readers finding readers is everything! Please post reviews here and on your facebook page!


One response to “First reading: The Barn at Fearrington

  1. With so many titles available, why is it that I am rarely in love with one? “Accidental Birds of the Carolinas” by Marjorie Hudson is the definite exception, a beautifully crafted collection of short stories and novella that make me weep for the beauty and integrity of the prose. The author’s storytelling ability, her visual acuity, sensitivity to timing, and ease in applying a just-perfect metaphor make this book an important piece by a major talent as well as a book you simply cannot put down. My recommendation: if you read nothing else this summer, read “Accidental Birds of the Carolinas.” It will touch your heart, you will think about its characters again and again… and like the best lines from poetry, you will quote passages to yourself and others for a long time.

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